Changing My Name

I knew I wanted to change my last name when we got married so I shared the same name as Roly and Max. It's a bit old fashioned I guess and it feels a little strange to write Rachelle Glendon! However, I do like it, in some ways it feels like a fresh start.

I thought I'd document the process.

The admin involved in updating your name is mostly straightforward but there is a lot of it! The first step is to order an official marriage certificate. It takes about 8 weeks after you get married for it to be officially registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages (our celebrant did this as part of his service) and then you can order an official certificate.

I think it took about 2 weeks to receive it. Then it's just a matter of taking the certificate to the various places you need to update, along with any other proof of who you are like your credit card or Medicare card, depending on who you're updating with. 

I wrote a list of all the official places I wanted to update with and then made my way through the list over a few days - yes it takes a decent amount of time with all the waiting in lines! I'm currently at the bank writing this while I wait my turn. And with a toddler in tow, the most I could manage is 4 in one go and that's only because they were all within walking distance.

Here are the places I went to first - some were over the phone or online which was great. 

  • Dept of Transport (Drivers Licence) 
  • ATO - I actually did this online
  • Medicare
  • Centrelink
  • Banks
  • Phone Company
  • Passport Office (start your application online and print it out to finalise in person at the post office but you'll need to have your new drivers licence first!)
  • Electoral Roll (also online and will need your new drivers licence first)
  • Insurance Companies (vehicle, health, life, home, etc)
  • Superannuation provider
  • Frequent Flyer Membership (we have flights booked in my old name so I had that updated to save any dramas when we go to check in!) 
  • Accountant (I asked him to update any relevant records on my behalf, other than the ATO which I did myself)

Most other places I will update as they come up as I don't think there is as much urgency with them or they don't count as proof of I.D. documents. 

Are there any I missed?

Rachelle x