Finding Patience On Long, Hot Summer Afternoons

We have the mornings sorted. Usually we're all up and on the go by 6am and Max is happy to have a little play for an hour or so while I do morning jobs, have a coffee and a shower. (It's how I am managing to write this blog!) 

Then we have breakfast and either head out for a few hours to do something fun or Brenda comes over to watch Max so I can do some work. Max has a nap from about 11:30-12 til maybe 1-1:30pm or so followed by second lunch and more play. 

But by mid afternoon, it's so hot and we are all sapped of energy. Well, Max has energy to burn and we still have 2 hours or so before dinner. I'd be quite happy to sit down with a cool drink and have some quiet time! 

And by that time of day, I've run out of ideas for things to do with a busy toddler. I'm also usually trying to 'achieve' something for the day, even if it's just replying to a few emails. 

So I find myself feeling simultaneously hot, tired, bored, frustrated and distracted. That's not a great combination when you have a busy, hot, bored toddler running around! I think the solution is to be more present and intentional with that time and actually be focussed on Max. (This means cutting myself some slack on the other things I'm not doing!)

I think it's time to try an afternoon outing. We probably cant go out on days when we went out in the morning but on days when Brenda is here, I'm going to try going out for a short trip. Maybe it will just be to do groceries (anything airconditioned in this weather is a good option! Plus he does love sitting in the trolley.)  There's also quite a few parks near us for the slightly cooler days and Honey will appreciate the extra walks. 

Otherwise, I'm going to take a lead from my friend Lauren and try some sensory play activities with simple toys. 

I never thought I'd say this but I am looking forward to winter so it's a little easier to get out and about in the afternoons!

Rachelle x

HOMERachelle Glendon