Our 2017 Travel Plans

We absolutely love to travel. Don't get me wrong, our home is our favourite place to be but when you work from home sometimes you need a change of scenery. And that adventure itch is never far away. Well, for me at least. Roly doesn't really get the travel bug that often but when we do take a holiday, he always has a great time and reflects on how much he really did need the time away.

Max is also an adventurer. He loves going to new places, even if it's just a different grocery store. And he loves to meet new people. The other day I had to go to the bank and he wandered around looking through the glass panels of everyones offices to wave hello. Distracting for them, hilarious for me, absolutely the best thing ever for Max!

So of course we have to take as many opportunities as possible to show him the world. Just thinking about all the places we will get to take him gives me butterflies. I think thats the lure of travel for me too. The anticipation. 

Deciding on destinations, researching itineraries, booking accommodation, finding places to eat. I love it! When we actually arrive we go with the flow and don't have a lot of stuff pre-booked but I do love a good research session! 

This year we have a few exciting trips in the diary. The first is in Feb, we are off to Hamilton Island for a week with family. We've booked a house there and are planning to do a lot of self-catering but I have my eye on a few places to try for a meal out here or there. I'm looking forward to some early morning walks, playing in the sand, slow afternoons and a trip to the golf course.

Then we are off to Hong Kong to visit Roly's step-brother whose currently living and working there. He's a pilot with Cathay Pacific and gets his monthly roster a few weeks out so we will book everything in once we've cross checked our diaries with his roster, either May or June. We're planning around 9 days, and hoping for a side trip to Macau while we're in the area.

Roly has a weekend down in Melbourne for the Grand Prix in March and we are also hoping to meet our friends from Melbourne in the Hunter Valley at some stage, maybe around Easter for a long weekend too. However the second half of the year is looking a little barren at this stage! 

We do have plans to spend Christmas in Port Macquarie with Roly's mum as there are tentative plans for his brother to also be there. It's too far away to have anything set in stone but I'm looking forward to seeing them all again so fingers crossed! 

Then in January, (which I know is 2018 but as far as I'm concerned January is counted as the previous year which is why it's 23rd Jan 2017 at the moment but only just feels like the year has started!) we are off on a 9 night cruise around New Zealand on the Ovation Of The Seas. It will be our third cruise, our first with a kid, and this time we have booked a suite. It's so hot here in Brisbane at the moment so I am looking forward to that cooler break in the height of next summer! 

I'm sure there will be other little trips here or there over the year and I'll definitely be posting plenty of blogs about our adventures along with YouTube videos and vlogs of course! I know to some purists, what I'm talking about here isn't really 'travel' but more along the lines of 'holidays' but for us now, while we are in this phase of life and can't do bigger trips with more spontaneity, I'm going with it! 

Where are you off to this year?

Rachelle x