Superfood Drinks For Kids

Ever since we stopped breastfeeding, I have become a little obsessed with ways to get extra nutrition into Max and support his immune system. I love a good smoothie and I found I was sharing more and more with him until it was time to start making his own. Clearly, he loves a good smoothie too!

My smoothies usually consist of plant-based protein, coconut milk, frozen fruit, tahini or avocado, spinach leaves and any other boosters like cacao, baobab, greens powder or something. But then I started to notice that there are some blends especially for kids so I thought I would try some out.

We tend to have our smoothies in the afternoon, they're lighter in the tummy so a great way to avoid filling up too much for dinner while still getting in all the valuable nutrition. 

Here are a few we've tried. I'm just going on taste here, as regardless of how good something is for our kids, if they don't enjoy the product then it's pointless, right? These have all passed the mum test though!

Nutra Organics Berry Choc Chunk - this one I think is a bit too intensely berry flavoured for Max so I find it needs to be added into a blended smoothie rather than on it's own. I really like the products in this range so will continue experimenting!

Mavella Superfoods - we got the tropical flavour and this is his favourite of the lot. It's got some great ingredients! I've made this straight up with coconut milk or as the base flavour in blended smoothies and he always asks for more. 

Nuzest Kids Good Stuff - we've tried the 3 flavours in the sachet pack and he's really enjoyed them all but especially loved the choc banana. These are sweetened with stevia which I found to be an overpowering flavour but Max enjoyed it.   

As my research into the perfect superfood drink continued, I discovered there are many other options. One that I was really impressed with is June Superfoods which comes in 3 flavours. Max didnt enjoy the berry one but loves the orange one. This is more of an on-the-go alternative to cordial or sports drink. It comes in sachets that you add to water so keep a few in your day bag.

The Culture Co Blueberry Kefir is like a yoghurt drink filled with probiotics, it's kept in the fridge and we have a little glass of it with our breakfast. This is a cheaper option and a great alternative to flavoured milk.

Now that Max is almost two, he has also moved away from a night time bottle. So we have started a new tradition of making a little warm cup of tea before bed instead. It's a great way to warm up on winter nights! You might be surprised to discover there are some great immune supporting, caffeine free (obviously!) teas for kids on the market! 

The two we have tried and enjoyed are Mama Body Tea Baby Bliss Blend which is safe to give to bubs as young as 2 weeks as effective relief for upset tummies, colic and helping them relax. The other is  123 Nourish Me Kids Immune Booster Tea which is a little stronger flavoured and has antiviral properties. 

We've really enjoyed trying out all these different drinks! It's great to see there are so many alternatives to the standard sugary sodas, cordials, juices and milks on the market. I prioritise my health so it's really nice to know there are options for our kids too!

Rachelle xo