Starting On The Garden

Max in the garden.jpg

We spend so much time outdoors, either in the yard, going for a walk or at the park. From the moment Max wakes up, his main goal is to figure out how to convince me to go outside and play. 

During the really hot months of summer, we were out really, really early or right before bed, otherwise it was just too hot most days. Now that it's starting to cool off a bit we can play in our shady front yard until his daily nap at around 11am. Which is perfect for a bit of gardening!

This morning we got up early as usual and headed to the fresh food markets to get our fruit and veg. There's a huge selection of plants available too so I think we will get a couple each week and start filling our many empty garden beds with herbs, vegies, flowers and succulents.  

Honestly, I am so excited to have a gardening buddy. Every year I say to Roly that I want to start spending time in the garden and every year that passes, he rolls his eyes even more. Finally, I have that extra dose of motivation!

Max wasn't too sure about getting his fingers dirty at first but it didn't take him long to get involved. Of course, nothing is cuter than a kiddo helping with jobs around the house so I had to take the opportunity for a photoshoot. 

This time around we planted a rosemary bush, some curly parsley and coriander, tomato and basil and some lovely strawberry parfait dianthus. All up it only cost $12.50 for the 5 punnets so I think that's not too bad considering how expensive it can be to buy herbs at the supermarket!

Next week I think we'll get some succulents for the hanging pots and maybe a peace lily for indoors. 

Rachelle xo