I Am Not Enough

I'm not flexible enough to do yoga

I'm not fit enough to go to the gym

I'm not healthy enough to be a health coach

I'm not confident enough to be in pictures with my kids

I'm not interesting enough to make videos


Things are about to get life coachy here.

These are all things my sisters or friends have said to me, or that I've thought about myself.

Can you see the themes here? The most obvious one is that it's common for women to not feel like we are enough, just as we are. More subtly, though, is the belief that you already have to be really good at something to give it a go. Which totally misses the point of starting something new. We wouldn't put that pressure on our kids, so why do it to ourselves? 

Not being flexible enough to do yoga? Isn't that the point of yoga? To help you become flexible? 


The reason I'm writing this is sparked by a hilarious comment from my brother in law about one of my recent travel videos (watch it here) where I do some "extensive coverage" on travel packing bags. He was poking fun at me and I couldn't help but belly laugh - he was right, I do ramble on for a pretty long time about these bags. The funny thing is that that I've edited down the ramble from at least 3 times as long as what it now is! 

Once upon a time, I would've been too mortified at the thought of receiving that kind of comment to ever even make videos, let alone share them with people. So today I'm giving myself a big pat on the back...because I laughed too. Often with those kinds of comments, we take them in the way we feel about it ourselves. We both had a good laugh and I'm sure it's going to go down as one of those remember-that-time stories!

And in all honesty, he's totally right..I do go on a bit about the bags. I knew that when I made the video. However, I'm sure someone might get some value out of that part plus it shows a quirk of mine - I do love a good storage solution!

More importantly, though, practice makes perfect and I'm so happy to be a beginner. I'm working on perfecting my video skills. It's so interesting to me and I get totally absorbed in it, more than any other hobby I've ever really had. There's a lot to learn! Everything from what makes a good shot, how to be more eloquent and concise (this is also a good skill for life!), angles, lighting, storylines, what sort of topics make for interesting viewing, editing techniques, post production and so much more. 

The whole thing has made me realise how much making videos has helped me to be myself. It's the irony of the situation - by making videos, I've become more of the thing I thought I wasn't enough of to get started. 


It's why you are enough, just as you are too.

Rachelle xo