The Workshops Rail Museum Queensland (Video)

We've had The Workshops Rail Museum on the radar for a while so last weekend we finally made the trip to Ipswich, which is actually not all that far! We went with our friends Bonnie, Kate and Gary and our kids. I made a little video of the day so if you want to skip straight to that, click the picture at the bottom of this page.

It was the last weekend of school holidays and also the last weekend of the Thomas The Tank Engine show so we were expecting it to be super busy. It opens at 930 - we arrived about 10 mins before opening and there was already a lineup! Roly had his usual freak out about crowds but when we went in we discovered just how huge the place is and how all those people quickly disappeared! 

It turned out to be a really hot 40C+ day with the humidity so high that my camera fogged up! We had a huge storm just as we were leaving so I think that may have kept the crowds away. Anyway, I am rambling about the weather as usual...

The Workshops are huge. We focussed mainly on the toddler activity sections but there were a lot of history sections and tours to do too which I would love to do another time. We spent time in the hands-on science area that teaches you about the different ways trains have been powered over the years and how the railway has benefited from different mechanical and technology improvements.

There's a huge model railway display, arts and craft area, cinema, an indoor (air conditioned, thankfully!) wooden railway play area that also has blocks and then an outdoor kid-sized rail track with a station and crossings. It's all really well done and nicely spread out in between the rolling stock displays. 

We made multiple stops at the cafe, which had delicious coffee and cake as well as other yummy treats! It was huge and there are lots of tables, again really well laid out in mind for families!

Enjoy the video of our trip. I can't wait to go back!

Rachelle x