I know, I know, yesterday I said I don't set resolutions! And I don't. This is more of a personal challenge that just so happens to be starting in January.

I try to read a book a week but with a toddler, a business to run and a house to maintain, along with everything else that happens in daily life (including the majorly distracting social media rabbit hole!), reading tends to get put at the bottom of the pile - pun intended.

However it is a priority for me as I love learning and immersing in a subject and I find it a relaxing and indulgent form of self-care. The first year I set myself this challenge I was pregnant so I got to 41 books. The second year was a bit of a culture shock with a newborn so I think I got to about 19 books.

Normally, I write down a book once I've finished reading it but this year I am going to list them here and work through them. In an effort to declutter, I plan to read and then donate a whole lot of books I've accumulated so that by the end of the year I will have a nice empty space on my bookshelf! I've got about 25 books lined up so far and after that I'll start borrowing from the library.

This year I'm including fiction too as I tend to gravitate toward business and learning style books. If you want to try this, the rules are simple. Write down 52 books, or as many as you have to read and then read them in the order they're written. You're allowed to decide a book is not for you (and still mark it off as read) after reading 30%, although you can only do this for a maximum of 6 books. Hopefully it will mean you read all the books you've purchased and never got around to opening!

Once you get through them you'll be in the lovely position of being able to read whatever book you feel like borrowing from the library each week. I'm looking forward to adding a weekly library trip to our schedule and I'll time it with one of their free kids activities so Max and I can have a little fun there too.

Here are my books;

  1. Second Glance
  2. All The Light We Cannot See
  3. The Mistress
  4. Wardrobe Crisis
  5. The Signature Of All Things - Elizabeth Gilbert
  6. Think Like A Freak - S Levitt and S Dubner
  7. Organised Simplicity - Tsh Oxenrider
  8. The Slight Edge - Jeff Olson
  9. Women's Wellness Wisdom - Dr Libby Weaver
  10. The Chocolate Promise - Josephine Moon
  11. The Kindness Pact 
  12. The Barefoot Investor - Scott Pape
  13. A Return To Love - Marianne Williamson
  14. The Tao of Intimacy and Ecstacy - Solala Towler
  15. Focus - Leo Babuta
  16. The Mind Body Code - Dr Mario Martinez
  17. Language Of Emotions - Karla McLaren
  18. Chapter One - Daniel Flynn
  19. The Book Within You - Emily Gowor
  20. Buddhism For Busy People - David Michie
  21. The Millionaire Next Door - Stanley and Danko
  22. Economic Development - Todaro and Smith
  23. Fortune Cookie - Bryce Courtenay
  24. Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids - Dr Laura Markham
  25. Tune In - Sonia Choquette

Let me know in the comments if you'll be joining in and what your first 3 books to read will be! And don't forget to #52BOOKSIN52WEEKS on Instagram.