This Is No Time For Resolutions

So here's an interesting thought on BALANCE and pursuing a simpler lifestyle. Every year, instead of resolutions I like to choose a theme word for the year. When I was working full time, before I had Max, my words were always things like FREEDOM and ADVENTURE. My fave was the year I chose YES - just like the movie Yes Man. That was a fun year! 

So what's interesting is that now I would say my life has quite a bit of freedom, yes I am at home with Max and I have a few work commitments with our business but in general, I get to decide the order of my days. And my word for the year is ROUTINE!

I'm craving the routine that comes with working full time, where you have to be organised with meals, exercise, sleep etc. When you work full time, you have to be organised because your time is limited. So, I wont be looking for a full time job but I will be implementing more routine into our lives. And also embracing the simple routines of life with a toddler, which I have probably resisted quite a bit.

Basically I have realised that FREEDOM of TIME is not the same as FREE TIME. We still have to choose wisely what we do with our time so we feel fulfilled. That means we can really enjoy our free time when we have it.

Slowing down is not about sitting around not achieving a whole lot, it's really about making space for the things that actually matter to you.

LIFERachelle Glendon