Minimalism in 2017

We've been minimalists for over 3 years now, since before we even knew it was a thing. There's definitely a distinct difference between the kind of minimalism we practiced before Max was born and the kind that's practical now but we stick to our basic principles and values as much as we can.

My preference is for less stuff and less consumer consumption overall and for a decluttered, low environmental impact, small sized home. When we do buy food and other products, it's always as low in plastic packaging as possible and in the case of non-food items, reusable and durable. 

What I love most is how mainstream minimalism is becoming. People from all walks of life are talking on their blogs and YouTube channels about their experiences and their growing desire for 'less'. it's so heartening to see such a trending decline in conspicuous consumption. 

I've even noticed some bloggers receiving hate for 'bragging' about all their stuff. I'm definitely not condoning it, I think any kind of hate or shame is awful and unnecessary. I do however find the shift interesting. Once upon a time it used to be cool to have all the latest hot beauty products, clothes and accessories. People were put on pedestals and looked upon with envy. This seems to be shifting a little.

What will be interesting is how this growing trend for less will affect bloggers, YouTubers and other decentralised marketers or the companies whose products they recomment. I for one think it's a good thing when I hear that retail sales are down. Not because I want companies to fail but because I want them to listen to our growing desire for less, but better

Rachelle x