Things I Love That Aren't Things

On Monday I had my niece over for the day as it's school holidays. It was so lovely to hang out with her as I haven't had a chance to be 'Aunty Chell' all that much since I had Max. She got a little tablet for Christmas this year and asked me for my email address. She's sent me little emails to say good night or ask how Max is every day since and it's the best thing ever.

  • Hearing about the safe arrival of friends babies.

This morning Max woke up an hour earlier than normal so Roly got up and played with him, fed him and Honey then changed him so I could get a little extra sleep. I must have needed it as I was totally unaware any of this was going on and I'm usually a fairly light sleeper. What a guy.

  • The excitement when Honey realises we're going for a walk to the park.

The way sometimes only a cuddle from mummy will help Max to feel better. When he's sick, tired or hurt, a snuggle on my lap is usually the only way to sooth him. Bless. Some days I love this more than others!




Rachelle Glendon