The Positive Side Of Instagram - An Autumn Photoshoot

Social media gets a bad wrap sometimes but I think it's possible to use it in a way that enhances your life and deepens your connections with people you might not otherwise get a chance to meet. People on the other side of the world who are having the same life experiences as you.

Comparing someone elses highlight reel can really impact our mental health but I feel that it's like anything in life, it is what we make it. I choose to follow and interact with people who make me feel inspired and uplifted. Those who share their struggles alongside their wins, their dreams and their failures. I think that's why so many of us are having a love affair with Instagram lately. It's skewed for inspiration.

I've met some incredible people through Instagram and one such lovely mama is Jaqueline Whyte, who's currently on maternity leave to care for her gorgeous son William. Jaq happens to be a very talented photographer and when she mentioned she's hoping to build up her childrens photography portfolio and clientele, I couldn't resist but to book in for a mini session with her!

We met one Saturday morning on the walking tracks at Whites Hill here in Brisbane where she took these gorgeous mum and son photos for us. The results are beyond what I had imagined and I've immediately booked in for a full family session with Roly and Honey too. 

Jaq is so talented and was really great with Max who was in somewhat of an uncooperative mood. He kept running off down the track chasing after the many doggies walking past and would barely sit still for a second.

The best thing about these photos is that I'm actually in some of them, something I know all mums need to have captured. If you scrolled through the photos on my phone, you'd think Max spent most of his time with Roly, when the opposite is true! 

I can't thank the lovely Jaq enough for capturing these memories.

You can follow Jaq on Instagram and if you're a Brisbane mama, I can't recommend her enough for your next family photos!

Now, for our highlight reel...

Rachelle xo