Hamilton Island Travel Preparation

I do love a good holiday research session!

We're off to Hamilton Island this weekend so I have been mentally preparing lists of what to pack, googling things to do, places to eat and planning what blog posts I'll write. 

We're staying in a house with family, there will be 6 adults and 2 toddlers, Max and his cousin whose just turned one. We've all agreed that this is a much needed and anticipated holiday. We even have a family Facebook chat going so we can coordinate who's bringing what and the various activities we all want to do. Roly's mum is a pro organiser, especially when it comes to menu planning so she is taking care of the food we'll need.

The other day I stumbled on the Hamilton Island App. It has all the information you could possibly want or need to help you plan your days on the Island, including where to eat, where to stay, what's on, must see spots, the weather and even departure times and information about the different tours and activities. Once I found that I realised it was a case of look no further, it really covers everything!

So all that's really left to do is pack! We'll be bringing all the usual things you need on holiday and I have to say I'm grateful that Virgin Australia provides complimentary baggage for baby items like strollers and car seats. It means I'll have more space in my suitcase for the extra small things we need for Max these days. Like we will definitely need to find space for a few favourite books, cars and of course Teddy, to help make bedtime in a new place as easy as possible. 

I'm excited to make the most of our easy access to the beach for some sunrise beach walks! 

Rachelle xo