Less Toys, More Fun

This week we got a chance to put one of our parent theories into action. One of the things we both agree on is limiting Max's access to toys. Even before we had him, we'd had conversations about it. The idea being that we store most of his toys away and rotate them so that he has new toys to play with regularly and they're also not spread all over the house.

After all the lovely gifts he got over Christmas, we had everything out and scattered around the house. Max would play with them a bit but mostly he just went to his old favourite, the tupperware drawer, to play stack-the-salad-spinner.

I don't know if it was all the toys around or just being tired from travelling but he was pretty grumpy and acting just a bit naughty. So the other night I packed up a whole lot of different toy sets and just left out a few. I put the toys into groups so it's easy to get out a different toy or activity for an afternoon game.

The change in his behaviour the next day was clear. He grabbed a few cars and sat quietly playing with the ramp I'd left out. It was the first time he's really ever played with a toy the way it's meant to be played with. 

Maybe it was getting a good nights sleep or maybe it was having less clutter around, my bet is both. Either way, I was happy to see him back to his usual playful mood. And we are both happier too!


HOMERachelle Glendon