A Boost To Productivity

I'm excited to say that after literally months of ongoing issues with my old desktop, including multiple crashes, repairs, lost work and downtime, we finally decided it was time to let it go and order a new computer. We got an iMac 27 inch and it's the best thing ever. 

So once I have caught up with the mountain of admin work and I will get onto editing a few videos from 2016 and our Christmas holidays. Once that's all cleared we'll be able to get on with filming new videos for 2017. I feel like I can't start filming new footage until I've got the existing stuff uploaded otherwise I'll never feel caught up.

Hopefully we will have a regular weekly posting schedule from the beginning of February. It's exciting to think about all the plans we have for 2017 and I hope our videos remain a big part of that.

Our year is shaping up to be a mix of busy work days, some travel, a few minor renovations at home and towards the end of the year we'll think about having another baby. So it should be a good year!

Rachelle x  


LIFERachelle Glendon